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Our sound system journey began in the early 70’s, with Michael being one of the first engineers in the USA to utilize Thiele/Small electrical filter parameters in bass cab design utilizing computer software.

Michael first worked for Boeing in their Acoustics department developing sound attenuation & sound propagation solutions for the 747 aircraft. Later, in the early 80’s, Michael established DMLPro for the design and sales of specialized system design for Sound. Michael also designed and rented a mid-size FOH system and did Pro Sound for nationally recognized artists. From the early 70’s to NOW, Michael is a passionate bass guitar player and has been in numerous bands. His early music experience was in the blues clubs of Mississippi.

Michael is a passionate sound engineer who is a self-admitted tech nerd and is fascinated with all things SOUND! With a degree in Electrical Engineering and graduate study in Acoustics, he will be glad to offer expertise in helping you with a customized sound system.

We offer special discounts to Houses of Worship with low budgets.

Contact Us at Four-One-Seven-2-7-four-zero-3-92

info @ lomax sound dot com